Monday, June 29, 2009

NZ National Anthem has more than 1 verse!

Even though in sporting events we sing only the first verse from the Maori and English, the song actually does have 5 verses! I couldn't believe it when I first sung it, especially since I had been living in New Zealand for over 21 years!

I also could not believe the incredibly high standard of the lyrics. As I sang the song it actually made me proud to be a New Zealander. The song proclaims unity, peace, love, righteousness, truth and good. The standard it is talking about is not one that changes with culture, but is true at all times, claiming that this high standard is external to us humans. It calls us to be good no matter what circumstance we are in. And most of all, it asks God to guide us as He works out His plan.
God of nations! at Thy feet
In the bonds of love we meet,
Hear our voices, we entreat,
God defend our Free Land.
Guard Pacific's triple star,
From the shafts of strife and war,
Make her praises heard afar,
God defend New Zealand
Men of ev'ry creed and race
Gather here before Thy face
Asking Thee to bless this place
God defend our free land
From dissension, envy, hate
And corruption guard our State
Make our country good and great
God defend New Zealand
Peace, not war, shall be our boast
But should our foes assail our coast
Make us then a mighty host
God defend our free land
Lord of battles, in Thy might
Put our enemies to flight
Let our cause be just and right
God defend New Zealand
Let our love for Thee increase
May Thy blessings never cease
Give us plenty, give us peace
God defend our free land
From dishonour and from shame
Guard our country's spotless name
Crown her with immortal fame
God defend New Zealand
May our mountains ever be
Freedom's ramparts on the sea
Make us faithful unto Thee
God defend our free land
Guide her in the nations' van
Preaching love and truth to man
Working out Thy Glorious plan
God defend New Zealand

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