Saturday, July 4, 2009

Swine Flu!

This past week I have been hit by the flu! Yes the Swine Flu! Nah just kidding, just plain old borring seasonal flu. I must have caught it somehow at somepoint on Sunday. I woke up on Monday feeling a bit of a sore throat, and by evening, I really felt it coming on.

On Tuesday Morning, I awoke to a headache and fever. Although I did go to work, I had to go home again after 2 hours because I just couldn't concentrate. By late afternoon, I was suffering chills, making me shiver non stop despite wearing 5 layers and being under 2 thick blankets in my bed. So I slept from around 4 to 6, 6 to 9, 9 to midnight, midnight till 9 am.

Wednesday morning, I wokeup thinking "ok so one day should be enough to recover!" and was about to get up and get ready for work... but before I barely lifted my head, I was feeling that headache again. Even today, I get a bit dizzy walking around. So on that morning I decided to go see the doctors! I was thinking to myself "This must be the first time in maybe 5-10 years since I actually needed to go to the doctors!" The doctor just told me it was likely to be seasonal flu and that they don't do the tests for swine flu, and even the people that do the tests only do it for people who are seriously ill. So in short she gave me some information I already knew, and prescribed me some medicine: Amoxycillin Trihydrate, and some paracetamol. The medicine instantly helped kill the fever so it was all worth it.

By Wednesday evening I was feeling 85% again, and today (Saturday) I am probably close to 95% health. Hurray for the antibiotics!

PS: An interesting side note, about half the people in my company were sick this last week, all seemed to have caught similar flu like symptoms over the weekend, the office was pretty empty.

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