Monday, June 15, 2009


The Magic lost pretty badly to a very good Lakers team playing at an incredibly high level.

Although I could say "next year", this series has raised a few questions about D-H. Can he become an offensive force that can dominate on both ends of the floor, becoming a go to guy when the team needs him? He was severely limited by the Lakers front court this series with very little help from the rest of the team.

Turkoglu's future with the team is also in doubt, with Rashard Lewis' large contract, they may not have money to re-sign him or anyone else for that matter. He may however opt to stay for a chance for a championship again. Marcin Gortat may also leave for more money and more playing time. The Magic also don't have any draft picks.

Then there's Nelson's return, lets see if he can get back to his All-Star form. Courtney Lee was also playing the ball of his life in the first 2/3 games of the playoffs before getting hit on the head. He may develop over the summer and next season into a very good player.

Seems like the Magic have a nice young core of players (although Turk and Shard are in their primes now) they have some nice backups, but the future flexibility seems bleak.

But for now, time to rest up and get back to the gym, and prepare for next year.

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