Sunday, June 21, 2009

Thou Shall Not Steal

Today we (re)visited Eastgate Christian Center for the 9am service. This was to allow us to visit the Ellerslie Car Fair afterwards. The first thing I noticed was two large stone tablets on the stage resembling the tablets that Moses brought down with the 10 commandments. There were only 7 inscribed which indicated they were going through a series on the 10 commandments and were up to the 7th study (from what I gather they skipped the first one, maybe to do it last?) on thou shall not steal. I was pleasantly surprised when Andy got up to speak. Andy is an amazing reflection of God and His work to transform. Visit his blog at Kiwi Chronicles.

The message really pierced my heart, and got me thinking about the many ways we have broken God's laws, and how much we really need Him, His mercy, and His grace.

Stealing is taking anything for yourself that doesn't belong to you. this can include:
  • Physically taking goods, services, possessions, money that belong to someone else
  • Borrowing things and not returning them
  • Stealing from your employer by slacking or surfing facebook, or by taking extra long tea breaks, taking extra stationary, making personal phone calls...
  • Downloading or purchasing illegal movies or music
  • Charging an unfair price on goods or services you are selling, including falsely advertising something
  • Evading your taxes
  • Being "ungenerous" with your time and money is stealing from God, as all things are given to you by God to bless you and for you to bless others
  • Disobeying your parents is stealing from their joy
  • Distrusting or being defensive to your spouse is stealing them of intimacy
  • Not respecting others is stealing their respect, because All people are made in the image of God and deserve respect simply for being human. This includes being late, which is stealing other people's time
  • Desiring something, coveting something, may be as good as stealing it in your heart
This is a timely message, as I am currently studying Matt 5 in my ACPC home group. Matthew 5 is where Jesus explains the old testament law and reveals its true intent and meaning. He gives 6 examples; anger, lust, divorce, promises, retaliation, and loving your enemy. But really we can extend these examples to ALL the old testament laws and consider their application in today's context, and I guarantee you will be astonished. I have broken all God's laws and I can only stand before God because of what Jesus did on the cross.

PS: Kathy finnaly bought a car! 2004 Nissan March

*EDIT* Kathy returned the Nissan March and got a Toyota Vitz instead

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