Saturday, June 13, 2009

Orlando going down 3-1

Well after game 4, with Orlando going down 3-1 to Los Angeles in the NBA Finals, its pretty much all over. I strongly support the Magic and Dwight Howard but its just not their time yet. Dwight play really well on the defensive end but lacks the offensive presence to take over the game like a true superstar.

In other news, my second favorite NBA team are favored to win it all. For those interested, here's my top preferences.
Orlando Magic
LA Lakers
Miami Heat
Chicago Bulls
Boston Celtics


Eugene said...

didn't know your an orlando magic fan :p
what a pity, they lost both important games at OT, guess the height of LA team really influence their inside play

Edmund Yeung said...

haha, how many games this playoffs have they lost at the buzzer... heart wrenching!

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