Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Orlando is back in the Eastern Conference Finals

Whats impressive about the Magic's 4 game sweep of the Hawks is not so much the sweep, but the fact that all 4 games were blow out wins by an average of 20 something points. The final game was much closer, with the Magic unable to blow them out completely, but "only" winning winning by 14 points decided with 2 minutes to play.

Bring on the winner of the Cavs Celtics series. I want Orlando to play the best, and then we can say we beat the best. I'm predicting the Celtics in 7, with the bottom line being the coaching. The Cavs have a lot of great talent as shown when they are playing great. But their wild inconsistency must be a result of bad coaching. Imagine how good LeBron would be if he played on a team with a good coach, heck even if the Cavs had a better coach, who could get more out of Mo Williams, Jamison, Shaq...

Go Magic!