Saturday, May 15, 2010

LeBron almost has a Quadruple Double, the Celtics Cavaliers series that wasn't, and Magic Predictions

LeBron's numbers; 27 points, 19 rebounds, 10 assists and 9 turnovers, in what could be his last ever game in Cleveland. What is sad about this whole thing isn't just that Mike Brown was a terrible coach - even though thats why they lost, but rather because James quit on this team, and is all but gone this free agency.

Boston won the series 4-2 but it wasn't really that close. After the first 4 games, the series tied 2-2, but the Celtics had played better 3 games to 1. The last 2 games when James had quit, the Cavs really had no chance. The Cavs coach couldn't get their rotations right, their defense was poor, and the bench really sucked.

But give the Celtics credit, they are experienced and they really fight to the last breadth. Plus Rondo is playing the ball of his life. Looking forward to the next series when the Magic face off against the Celtics. Last year, the Magic won in 7 games including a game 7 away win in the Garden. But Garnett was out that year and so was Nelson. The Magic played better in the series and probably could have won in 6. This year, we'll see if Howard can still dominate inside with Garnett added in the line up, and see if Rondo's emergence is affected by Nelson's return. The Magic bench will be a deciding factor as well, with so many players capable of putting up numbers and holding their own with the starters resting.

Magic in 6