Friday, May 21, 2010

Another Unmagical Night

Could it be that this year isn't Orlando's year? Dwight Howard and Jameer Nelson had a superb game. Vince Carter missed a couple of crucial free throws, and hasn't been able to dominate the game like we need him to. But its Rashard Lewis' magic disappearance act that has put the Magic on the brink. Usually he's unguardable with Dwight inside and Shard outside, but Boston has been able to defend Superman one-on-one and that means the Magic shooters don't get the open looks they are used to.

Give Boston credit, they are playing championship ball and look ready to take on the Lakers. I wouldn't mind such a finals rematch, the Magic don't deserve to make the finals the way they have been playing and thats just too bad. We need the whole team to step up, but its on Howard to lead and really dominate more than his usual dominate self. He needs to play so well (40pt 30rb 10bs) that the Cs have no choice but to tripple team him, and then... the shooters will be free to work their Magic. Otherwise, see you in November.