Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Movie Review

This summer, I have watched: Shadow Wariors 2, Time Traveler's Wife, Avatar 3D, Sherlock Holmes

Shadow Wariors 2

I didn't see the first Shadow Wariors movie till after, but this was a separate story anyway.  But it did have a feel that there was no start or finish - a Shadow Wariors 3?  They did a poor job at introducing the characters and did not explain how they got from the first to the second movie.  The story line was incredibly simple, stupidly straightforward, and everything seem to just fall in place and happen.  But the fight scenes are entertaining, filled with special effects, but prob not worth paying to see.

Time Traveler's Wife

I can't believe I didn't know this movie was a chick flick (the title should have given it away - the wife part).  The Time Traveler hooked me and the plot seemed interesting enough, as I'm very intrigued with time travel.  This one rates as a slightly above average chick flick, the time travel aspects do make it interesting.  There are no major holes with the storyline caused by the time traveling which is usually present with these movies, and the story was entertaining enough.

Avatar 3D

I had no idea coming into the movie what it was about aside from seeing a poster of a blue man that reminded me of Nightcrawler from X-Men, and having heard it was very good in 3D.  Indeed the 3D was done exceptionally, unlike Superman 3D, nearly the entire movie was 3D and I hope more movies will do this in the future.  Unfortunately, the movie was essentially a Sci-Fi Pocahontas.  To sum up the movie, the Trailer (which I saw later) really does give away the entire movie, the humans (white Europeans) come to Pandora (America) and want to cut down some trees.  The Aliens (Native Indians) object to this citing nature tree-hugger stuff.  A guy meets an Alien girl (Pocahontas).  They fall in love, the humans (Europeans) attack, and theres a battle at the end.  No singing though, but like all disney movies, this has a happy ending.  Although it was an entertaining movie, I though this could have been much more action packed like the Aliens movies, and less of a disney movie.

Sherlock Holmes

This was great.  I haven't seen any other Movie or TV renditions of Sherlock Holmes aside from the cartoons, but this movie really did capture what Sherlock Holmes is about.  An enigmatically smart detective who can hold his own in a fight, takes on Lord Blackwood, a practitioner of the dark arts seeking to take over the world.  They set themselves up for a greater sequal by not having Holmes face Moriaty in the first movie.  The only downside was the casting of Rachel McAdams as the female lead, I find her incredibly anoying - see her other movies; The Hot Chick, NoteBook, Time Traveler's Wife.  But the performance of Robert Downy Jr and Jude Law is incredible, and this is by far the best movie of the summer.

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