Thursday, December 17, 2009

Hong Kong Trip 2009

I just got back from Hong Kong yesterday and am incredibly jet-lagged.  Having flown Korean Air, the flight left HK at midnight and arrived in Seoul, before finally getting back to NZ.  Although my sleep patterns are way off, Korean Air has been the best airline I've flown (having flown just Air New Zealand and Air Brunei).  The food was fantastic!  Bibimbop for mains and the service was great, unlike other airlines, they were actually keen to give out food.

Anyway, in Hong Kong we did plenty of shopping, visiting most of the major shopping areas, eating as much street food as possible, and visited a few trourists sites like The Peak, and Noah's Ark, and even got to see the opening of the Asia Games.

The above pictures are; view of Hong Kong from Tsim Tsa Tui, Eddy and Eddie at the Wax Meseum, Snoopy Land entrance, Portugese Egg Tarts from Macao.

What I miss most about Hong Kong will be family and food.  Sure the shopping is great, but there is only so much you can buy, and there's only so much someone needs.  The food is available anytime anywhere.  Its great that shops are open so late and there is food every few blocks.  But my extended family is what is most important in Hong Kong.  I had the privilidge of attending my cousin Shirley's wedding.  Seeing my grandparents (gong gong and por por) in such great health.  Seeing my cousin's Kevin and Vivian reach the next level of education. 


The pictures above are; Inside the Grand Canal Shoppes, The Venetian Hotel, Macao, 1:1 replica of Noah's Ark, Kathy and me with my cousin Regina at a bar in Lan Kwai Fong, at my cousins wedding, Shirley and Edmund (same name!) the two lil ones are my cousin's children - Shirley has two older siblings and they each have 2 children each and just a few months apart!

For anyone going to Hong Kong and want to go shopping, I would recommend Mong Kok; Langham Place and Argyle Center for Girls, and there are plenty of shops on the streets.  For the guys there are two Computer shopping malls, one cellphone shopping mall, and "Sports shoe street".  Other shopping malls include Harbour City in Tsim Tsa Tiu - a gigantualan shopping mall actually made up of three shopping malls stretching 3 kms.  Festival Walk - Kowlon Tong, CityGate - Near the Airport, something like Dress Mart.

For those looking for food, MongKok offers the best range of street food like siu mai, skewers, and smelly tofu.

Some of the best sights to visit; Noah's Ark - the world's only 1:1 scale model with a great exhibition inside, the Hong Kong Laser show that starts every night at 8pm which can be viewed anywhere on the harbourfront, check out the business district in Central, theres The Peak for a great view of the city scape, Wax Museum.

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