Sunday, July 25, 2010

My New Phone: Nokia X6

So I recently bought a new phone, the Nokia X6 and wanted to share with you why I bought it and how I feel about the phone so far. Before this one, I had an old Samsung which was 2G. So this is my first smart phone and runs 3G (3.5G if you want to get technical).

The main candidates I had were Nokia X6, Google Nexus One and HTC Desire. The iPhone 3GS was not in the running because of its price being similar to the Desire, but not having as good specs. And I also just don't like the way Apple runs your life with iTunes.

So why didn't I get the Nexus One or Desire? The main factor was price. These two phones are priced between $800-$1000 depending on where you get them. And my personal opinion is that the Android OS is just not quite mature enough to warrant such a high price. With Google continuing their success of the Chrome OS, I can forsee that in a few years time, Chrome and Android will overlap and mobile phones will be much more like laptops. But back to today, its still a little way off.

The Nokia X6 won because I was able to get it from Gadgets Online for $560, and the phone comes with Ovi Maps, Nokia's free GPS Navigation software. It is by far the best GPS Navigation software available due it being completely free. You get access to all the maps of the world, plenty of different voices and languages - you can even record your own voice. Currently Google Maps navigation doesn't allow turn-by-turn navigation in New Zealand, and you have to be Online to access it. Ovi Maps has both online and offline modes - just download the maps while your on wifi.

I have to admit, the rest of the phone's features are average for a smart phone, nothing spectacular. Not quite as friendly as the iphone or android devices, but at the same time, those features aren't really worth the premium of $400-$500 extra.

So if GPS Navigation is a big thing, and your on a tight budget, Nokia phones are the way to go. And I would recomend the X6. It will take some time to get used to it coming from a non-smart-non-touch-screen phone, but I got there after a few days. But if you have money to burn, get the Nexus One, and spend another $120 for a GPS Navigation software that gives you offline maps. The Nexus One beats the Desire because it will get all the updates from Google, especially the upcoming and highly anticipated Android 3.0 which might just kill the iPhone...