Friday, July 2, 2010

Looking back on my time at Olympic

I'll be starting my new job at ICE Interactive next week, but first I'd like to look back at the last chapter of my life at Olympic Software.


I applied for a position at Olympic after being told about it by a fellow Software Engineering graduate, Wendy, who was my Part 3 Project Partner. They wanted to offer her a position but she had already found another one, and so that opened an opportunity for me. And after an interview involving "the supermarket question" I got the job!

I then worked 2 weeks over the summer developing a neat little lottery application before starting officially in January 2009. I also introduced my good friend Alex to Olympic, and so I was really excited to have a fellow classmate on board.

Day 1

My desk on my first day, you can see the beginning of the gadgets.

I went through a Helping Clients Succeed course, which is about "Peeling the Onion" and getting to the root of the problem, not just accepting what the customer is saying.

Also in my first week, Dinuka was leaving for Australia and André had already left for Europe.


Worked for a few months on BrainDump with Alex. There were a few late nights just chugging along with the never-ending stream of issues. Was a fun first project though!

Pedro showed up as Darth Vader. Apparently coding with the Force was quite productive.

SharePoint and OlympicCare

Started working with Stephen (the SharePoint Guru I might add) on Oly-Care, Olympic's client portal for communicating and sharing knowledge with our customers, including the support process. Went through most of what WSS 3 had to offer from setup and installation to developing web parts (mostly using the Smart part though) and administering pages and users.

Round the Bays

There was a big push to get everyone in the office ready for Round the Bays. In 2009 we had a fair turnout of around 10. But in 2010 we had a whopping 20! We went for Running Bunch twice a week, even though there weren't too many most of the time.

ITM and QV

My last projects were Projects for the above clients. Gained lots more experience in development :) Got experience with Test Driven Development, learnt some MVC.NET, some .NET forms web development, played around with JQuery, Javascript, CSS, and did some Win Forms development.

Joseph's Great Wall of Coke

Joseph drinks some 3-4 cans of coke a day, and after 3 odd years had accumulated quite a collection. He took them down to build a wall on his last day. Then proceeded to bust it down.

Final Words

I really hope that I have had some impact on the company or the team I worked with. Perhaps brought up morale when it was low, or just made people laugh when there was nothing to smile about. If nothing else, I have left my CubeeCraft guys there :D