Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Update on My Life so far

South Island DVD
Took me way too long, but managed to get there in the end.  Sorted through hundreds of photos to turn them into slide show movie files, one file per day. Then add music and a DVD menu to turn it into a proper DVD. Looks very kiwi/amateurish but its pretty cool. I usedDVD-Styler and DVD slideshow GUI both open source apps to make the DVD.

Back to School - well work actually.
Getting back from a massive South Island
road trip has been hectic.  At work, I'm straight into with a new project kicking
off.  I'm organizing Round the Bays for the company, so that will be great
fun!  Our first running-bunch session starts tomorrow.

Fire on Cawley St
Check it out... its down the road from where I work, and I saw it!! wowzers it was

Church @ Salvation Army I've attended once this past month and a bit, as
I haven't been in Auckland on Sundays much.  I did however visit their new
website... nice!

Decommissioning my beloved basketball hoop
Its lasted some 3-odd years, but the rust has made it dangerously unstable.  Not too sure what i'm going
to do with it, whether I'll buy another one or make my own...

Braces: 12 months and counting
 Its been 1 year since I first got my braces.  It was thought that we could get them off in 9 months and then use the retainers.  But its taking a bit longer than expected and I'm not enjoying it one bit.

Orlando is not doing as well as expected.  The team is too muddled by new players and chemistry despite having one of the best teams on paper.  Their last loss to the Lakers was particularly bad after falling behind in the 1st half, crushing the Lakers in the 3rd quarter and collapsing in the 4th.  The Lakers are on a roll despite Kobe's injuries.  LeBron has the Cavs right up there despite Shaq getting in the way.

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