Thursday, January 14, 2010

Epic South Island

Is it more kiwi-like to go to the South Island or to not?  - or is it just an Aucklander thing?  Well of all the places I have been to, which is not a lot, the South Island is by far the most amazing, the most epic, and the most beautiful.  I have travelled the North Island extensively, Rotorua is fairly exciting, New Plymouth, Muriwai, Cathedral Cove, Goat Island are all very nice beaches but none as complete as places around the South Island.

On our first day, we landed in Christchurch.  After picking up our rental car, we went straight to Fox Glacier via Arthur's Pass stopping at Franz Joseph Glacier.  The straight roads and massive planes immediatly struck me with awe.  The mountains that loomed over us could only be descriped as EPIC - I don't know how many times I've mentioned that already, but I said it a lot more in the car!

All the scenery was unreal.  Its the only place where I've seen pictures, and then see that the real thing is just as good.  There were a few places where it was raining and misty, and we didn't have such a great view, but we caught a break in other places so that was good.

Another awesome thing about it was the heritage.  There are plenty of history to see, lots of old buildings.  Theres plenty of Gold mines, including the Chinese Settlement in Arrowtown, which was home to many of the first chinese to settle in NZ.

There are plenty of activities, plenty of tourists and an overall great place to spend your holiday.  I wouldn't mind living there for a few months, working and traveling in the weekends.  Would be a welcome change from borring old Auckland for a while.  But I think it would get borring soon, as most of the townships were pretty small.  Christchurch being the largest city, but Queenstown being the most interesting and happening.  Oh and its home to the great Ferg's Burgers, the best burgers in New Zealand!

I'm already looking forward to going back.  I would love to see it in the South Island when all the mountains become snow capped.  Go on some other adventure activities, and just experience it all over again!

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