Monday, October 26, 2009

Idea for Countries to encourage young people

This is just a crazy idea I had while running, and thinking about places like Singapore which make it compulsary to serve in the Military.  This isn't something I recomend for NZ as much as it my idea for my ideal country, to help build up young people and strengthen a nation.

When someone turns 18, they have the choice to join the Military and serve for 3-5 years, or go to University to attain a degree.  When you finish university, if you have not served in the Military, you must serve at least 2 years.  In the military, you serve in a role suited for your skills and abilities.  Not everyone is suited to be a soldier, and for those people, roles as technitians, engineers, scientists, medical personnel, pretty much every profession out in the civil world, but in the context of the military or government sector.  You would receive military discipline, physical training, and real-world experience applying your skills to real life scenarios.  Even an opportunity to travel the world.  Of course, you get paid a good salary for your service, and after your service is over, you join the rest of the world, you can go get a degree (or another) or pursue a carreer.

The purpose is to equip people to be more well-rounded - not just to be all brains or all brawn.  To keep people out of a career on the benfit.  To assert discipline and nationalism and reduce career criminals.  Crazy?  Yep.  Welcome to the mind of an idealist.

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