Thursday, March 4, 2010

What does God think about that Job?

This question sprang up from a bible study, which we discussed what God thought about particular jobs.  In particular we focused on Lawyers, Sales, Advertising, and Military.

It is definitely an area which I want to investigate more, recapping on those mentioned above and then taking a further look at other professions.

Now there are some obvious occupations which are generally accepted as bad, such as thief, prostitute.  These are bad because they break God's laws of stealing and sex outside of marriage, among other things.  I intend to focus on the more grey areas, where the job may encourage you to sin and break the laws, or seem at face value to contradict the definition of being a Christian.

The main questions I will focus on are:

  • What are the morally challenging aspects of the occupation?
  • How does the job fit in with God's creation and plan for the universe?
  • Is the job or similar roles mentioned in the Bible? If so what does it have to say?
  • Can a Christian work in this field?  In particular, does it contradicting the values and beliefs of the Bible?
And some of the professions I would like to go through (not necessarily in this order) are:
  • Software Engineers
  • Sales, Marketing and Advertising
  • Military and Ammunitions manufacturers
  • Actors and Directors/Producers
  • Lawyers
  • Accounting, Banking and Finance
  • Professional Athletes

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