Monday, November 9, 2009

NBA Preview: Lakers

Key addition: Ron Artest
Key loss: Trevor Ariza

Since we are already into the season, I am kind of cheating when I say that this team is going to top the league.  Not that thats a surprise!  Fresh of a championship after a great season, Kobe has had plenty of rest, unlike the past summers where he has been playing for Team USA.  As we can see already with Bynum and Gasol out, Kobe has adapted his play and elevated the rest of the team.  When their team gets back healthy, they are going to be rolling on all cylinders until the playoffs.

The Artest Ariza swap is probably in Houstons favour looking in hindsight.  Artest was considered a better more rounded player, both offensively and defensively.  But Ariza is young and has a much greater upside, that could have helped the Lakers in the future.  But when you have Kobe just pasted his prime, its probably a safe bet to get someone like Artest and get you that next Championship ring.

The biggest problem for this team I see is complacency, and off-court drama.  But with the loss to the Celtics not too long ago, I don't think Bryant or Artest will let that happen.  Lakers win 65+

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