Thursday, September 3, 2009

Moving Out!

Downstairs to be precise. We have an independent flat downstairs which we have rented out forever, and the latest tenants have recently moved out. This gave me an opportunity to finally move into my own place for some independent living.

I negotiated a cheaper rent, and moved some furniture down. At the point of writing, I have moved most of the large items, such as the bed, tv, couches, computer. But still need to fill up the bathroom and kitchen areas.

I've been looking around for cheap fridges, preferably one with a freezer too.

And I'm looking forward to when I can invite you all for a flat party!


this girl said...

yay! you've got yr own place! :D

Edmund Yeung said...

Yea! too bad you're no longer coming to NZ to visit and see for yourself

Anonymous said...

Wow, everyones moving out
YAY. I didnt even kno ur house had another bit downstairs.. cool!!!
Party at ed.s.. O_o


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