Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Are you switching to 2Degrees?

2Degrees just launched and it seems like the latest buzz. Everyone is itching to switch because everyone hates Vodafone and Telecom. I mean, who likes networks that charge exhorbant prices and forces you to stay with all these switching costs?

2Degrees' pricing is half of that of Vodafone and Telecom, and it has very good deals for prepaid customers topping up giving them an extra 100 free txt messages for a $20 top up, plus 50 for every $10 after that.

I think however most consumers will wait to see what Vodafone and Telecom does before making a switch. I was very tempted to switch but after quickly calculating the costs, Vodafone still provides the cheaper alternative with their TXT2000 and BestMate offers. 2 Degrees have started off at taking all the low-volume consumers who spend less than $20-$30 per month.

If nothing else, prices are sure to drop and service should improve in a market where consumers have been bullied for years. Are you switching?

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William said...

I'm waiting to receive my free sim card in the mail. I think if i keep my Bestmate on vodafone and use the 2 degrees number for my other contacts, it would probably work out cheaper.

The best outcome would be if the big 2 telcos bring their prices down as a response.

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